80’s Ladies & Icons Show

80's Ladies & Icons Video Promo

Want your MTV…?
Imagine the most recognised female pop and rock songs from the 80’s and beyond brought to life and you have… The 80’s Ladies!

80s Ladies are an unbeatable combination of three stunning lead vocalists with flawless three-voice harmony passages overlaying powerhouse backing.

With a whole lotta 80s ‘sass’ and reverent attention to detail, they completely own the full 70s, 80s & 90s music spectrum and this has seen them inspire new audiences with their unstoppable charisma, hilarity and authentic costuming! Performing either as a vocal trio or backed by their cracking live band “The Icons”, their songbook celebrates iconic anthems from artists including Whitney Houston, Pat Benetar, Aretha Franklin, Blondie, Amy Winehouse, Olivia Newton John, Renee Geyer, Tina Turner & Annie Lennox.

This spectacular tribute stunningly showcases the full force of the 80’s ladies vocal prowess – so for your next corporate event, venue performance, wedding or celebration get your legwarmers and lace ready cause…


80's Ladies

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